'We Got It Made' finally released by CDBaby

CDBaby has  released 'We Got It Made" the new single by Billy Proulx &Tommy Too.  Over the next few days it should be showing up on Spotify, Amazon and other distribution sites.  Be on the look out adds that will allow fans to pre-stream and pre-down load this delightful little tune,  we all need something to lift our spirits these days.  This song is highly recommended!  

Billy Proulx & Tommy Too set to release new Single

After an excellent restart at Mt Baldy Lodge in late June and early July the attack of the Virus once again knocked Billy and Tommy off the live performance trail.   But the music didn't stop.  They have been in the studio throughout the pandemic and its beginning to bare fruit.  A release of a single is being scheduled as we speak and that single "We Got It Made"is from an Album due out this fall called                              " Whatta Ya Gonna Do?".

Most of the songs on the LP are Billy and Tommy live in the studio, one take stuff, but there are  few songs that cried out for accompaniment so Billy called on old friends Olises Naranjo and Bugsy King for a little support.  It will be essentially an Americana LP but with a slight pop twist.

"We Got It Made" is due out before the end of August and is a good introductory that reveals the pop side of the coming album.  

And this is only the beginning! There is much more to come.  Not only have Tommy and Billy recorded more they need for the LP but rumor has it the The Crew is currently digging into their plentiful vault and is planning to have a release by the end of the year.

Things are crazy out there but keep the faith.  There is still music to smooth the soul. 


coming back

Last Saturday afternoon Billy Proulx & Tommy Too played The Mt Baldy Lodge .  People were very happy to hear live music again.  We also just got word that Pacific Wine Merchants will be having music again, so our July 18th, September 25th and November 14th dates there are good. Hopefully things will slowly and safely get going .--June 10th, 2020





Valentines Day at Tacocino 

Tacocino Gourmet Tacos, which can be found at 1945 N Campus Ave.. Unit B in the Colonies Crossroads shopping center in Upland, will host Billy Proulx & Tommy Too on Valentines Day this Friday.  The show begins at 5pm and goes all the way to 10.  Bring your love and on come out.  It should be a special night.

Staying Safe

Billy, the Crew, Peggy Lynn & the Vintage Cowboys, Toomstone,Billy Proulx & Tommy Too and The Rok Haus Band would like to give a shout out to all the fans who have responding to the daily postings of songs on Facebook and to those who have been streaming and downloading our songs on CDbaby.com. We also want to give our best to all the wonderful venues we play and wish all of them well.

We all miss playing out and hope and pray that we can see you all soon.  


Last Saturday afternoon Billy Proulx & Tommy Too played the Mt Baldy Lodge.  People were social distancing and many wore masks but it was obvious that people were very happy to hear live music again.  We just got word from the Pacific Wine Merchants that our July, September and November dates are on for sure.  Hope things will slowly begin to safely open up again.  See you soon.